Arbeitsgruppe Arrestin

Project Summary

A small family of arrestin proteins (4 members) bind to and regulate hundreds of different G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs).  Arrestin-receptor interactions can lead to receptor deactivation, receptor internalization and intercellular trafficking, activation of arrestin-dependent signaling pathways, and modulation of receptor affinity for ligands.
Our research focuses on elucidating the molecular details of how arrestins bind to receptors and the functional consequences of these interactions.  We apply a wide array of different biochemical and biophysical techniques to the prototypical GPCR rhodopsin (the photoreceptor of the rod cell) and rod arrestin.  In particular we use site-directed fluorescence spectroscopy to observe conformational changes in defined locations on arrestin.

Dr. Sommer is currently a Delbrück Fellow of the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH), funded by the Private Excellence Initiative Johanna Quandt: read more...


Dr. Martha Sommer

Dr. Martha Sommer

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