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Metallo-proteins - Catalytic conversion of H2 in [NiFe] hydrogenases


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The following [NiFe] hydrogenases are in our present focus:

  • Membrane-bound [NiFe]-hydrogenase (MBH) - Conversion of H2 in the presence of O2
  • Soluble [NiFe]-hydrogenase (SH) - H2-driven production of NADH

Financial Support

Project of the Cluster of Excellence UniCat (TU- Berlin), Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Collaboration Partners

Dr. Oliver Lenz, Prof. Peter Hildebrandt, Dr. Ingo Zebger, Prof. Maria Andrea Mroginski, Dr. Friedhelm Lenzian, Prof. Martin Kaupp (all from Technische Universität Berlin), Prof. Robert Bittl and Dr. Christian Teutloff (all from Freie Universität Berlin), Dr. Philippe Carpentier and Dr. David von Stetten (all from ESRF, Grenoble), Dr. Manfred Weiss (BESSY, Berlin) and others.