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Research Group Directed Evolution and Chemical Biology (Guillén Schlippe Lab)

The Guillén Schlippe lab works with in vitro selection and evolution methods as well as genetic reprogramming methods.

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Research Group Directed Evolution and Chemical Biology

The Guillén Schlippe lab uses in vitro selection, evolution and genetic reprogramming methods to generate novel molecules that have useful functions and answer important biological questions.

Research in the lab includes:

  1. Enzymatic synthesis of extremely large and diverse libraries (1013) of bioactive peptides and miniature structural scaffolds.
  2. Discovery and application of bioactive peptide modulators that interrogate regulatory networks as both drug leads and molecular tools.
  3. Applying omic selections to RNA binding proteins to decipher relevant sequence determinants of RNA-protein interactions.


The working group employs a multidisciplinary approach using

  • in vitro selection and evolution,
  • chemical and synthetic biology,
  • biochemistry,
  • biophysics,
  • cell and molecular biology, and
  • high throughput methods.