Protein X-ray Crystallography and Signal Transduction (Scheerer Lab)

Meet the members of the Scheerer lab.

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Group Leader

Dr. Patrick Scheerer

Group leader of the workgroup "Protein X-ray Crystallography and Signal Transduction"

CCM: Campus Charité Mitte


Brian Bauer

Technical Assistant

Manal Ebrahim

Master Student / Student Assistant

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Monique Karge

Extern PhD student (with Prof. Ute Scholl)

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Anja Koch

Technical Assisant

Michal Szczepek, PhD

Lab Manager / Postdoc

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Franziska Wiechert

Master Student / Student Assistant

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  • Etienne Galemou-Yoga (Master Student)
  • Matthias Hammer (Master Student)
  • Nicolas Heyder (Master Student)
  • Fatih Ipek (PhD Student)
  • Sebastian Kroschinsky (Diploma Student)
  • Jacqueline Kalms (PhD Student)
  • Karoline-Luisa Lê Công (Bachelor Student)
  • David Speck (Master Student)
  • Tammo Stevens (Master Student)
  • Dr. Bilal Qureshi (Scientist) 
  • Franziska Wiechert (Bachelor Student) 
  • Prof. Dr. Xiaohui Zhou (Guest Scientist)