Protein X-ray Crystallography and Signal Transduction (Scheerer Lab)

Meet the members of the Scheerer lab.

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Group Leader

Dr. Patrick Scheerer

Group leader of the workgroup "Protein X-ray Crystallography and Signal Transduction"

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Brian Bauer

Technical Assistant

Manal Ebrahin's photo
Manal Ebrahim

PhD Student

Luisa Herder

PhD Student

Nicolas Heyder

PhD Student

Monique Karge's photo
Monique Karge

Extern PhD student (with Prof. Ute Scholl)

Anja Koch

Technical Assisant

David Speck

PhD Student

Michal Szczepek's photo
Michal Szczepek, PhD

Lab Manager / Postdoc

Franziska Wiechert's photo
Franziska Wiechert

Master Student / Student Assistant


  • Etienne Galemou-Yoga (Master Student)
  • Matthias Hammer (Master Student)
  • Nicolas Heyder (Master Student)
  • Fatih Ipek (PhD Student)
  • Sebastian Kroschinsky (Diploma Student)
  • Jacqueline Kalms (PhD Student)
  • Karoline-Luisa Lê Công (Bachelor Student)
  • David Speck (Master Student)
  • Tammo Stevens (Master Student)
  • Dr. Bilal Qureshi (Scientist) 
  • Franziska Wiechert (Bachelor Student) 
  • Prof. Dr. Xiaohui Zhou (Guest Scientist)