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Eine Forscherin im weißen Kittel betrachtet eine Probe durch ein Mikroskop.


The Institute of Medical Physics and Biophysics performs basic science research on many fundamental and fascinating topics in the field of biophysics. The Institute participates in many cooperative and joint research projects funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), such as:

  • Collaborative Research Centres 958, 1078, 1365 and 1423 and
  • Excellence Cluster UniSysCat.

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Research Focus

Research at the IMPB is divided into two main areas:

Structural analysis of macromolecular machines and functional complexes

Firstly, we perform structural analysis of macromolecular machines and functional complexes, specifically ribosomes, with the goal of fully understanding the process and control mechanisms of protein synthesis. The primary methods of investigation are cryo-electron microscopy and X-ray protein crystallography.

Visual Signal Transduction

Secondly, we seek to understand the process of visual signal transduction, with regard to protein-cofactor interactions, structure and function of receptor proteins, as well as signal transmission through the biological membrane. Multiple biophysical and high-resolution structural methods are employed, for example time-resolved spectroscopy and X-ray protein crystallography.